The Southern Division calendar contains dates, locations and contact information for various activities, courses and meetings throughout the Southern Division of NSP.

Southern Division Calendar by Region
The below calendar includes the various region calendars as well as the Division level calendar.


Southern Division Calendar
To see full event details, please consult the Calendar by Region further up this page.

Calendar Instructions
Placing an NSP-registered event on the Division Calendar is an easy three step process:

  1. Contact the Region Director in the region where the event will take place and clear the date. This will avoid conflicts of dates and help you get more people to your event.
  2. Register the Course and do all things required for your event, such as notify your Program chain of command (if required by your Program).
  3. Contact the Region Director with the following for the Calendar:
    • Date
    • Event name
    • Location
    • Course #
    • Contact Person
    • Contact Phone
    • Contact email

The Region Director sends the event to the Division Director and it is placed on the Division Calendar.

Events that are not registered with NSP can be sent directly to the Web Master for inclusion on the calendar.