Southern Division Elections

Bill Smith, Interim Election Supervisor

For those of you that may not know, the Southern Division Election Supervisor, Rick Roberts, passed away very unexpectedly recently. Over the years Rick has served in a number of leadership positions and has contributed a great deal to the Southern Division, NSP and his local patrol, Cataloochee. Rick has left a huge hole in our hearts and the Division leadership. He will certainly be missed.

I have been asked to temporally step in to try to fill this void until leadership can find a new Election Supervisor. If you are interested and willing to serve, please reach out to our Division Director Tom Byron and let him know.

This year there will be four open seats on the NSP Board of Director's. Ten individuals from all across the country expressed an interest in the positions. They include:

  • Marc Abend, Professional Division - Eastern Region
  • Howard Bates, Central Division
  • Liz Dodge, Pacific Northwest Division
  • Christine Garrison, Rocky Mountain Division
  • Donna Gardino, Alaska Division
  • Chris Huskinson, Intermountain Division
  • Paul Kelly, Eastern Division
  • John Morelli, Far West Division
  • Aaron Yaeger, Rocky Mountain Division
  • Jay Zedak, Central Division (incumbent board member)

Applications and platform statements have been posted on the NSP website and were also mailed to each registered patroller with the fall issue of Ski Patrol Magazine in October. Additionally, you may go online and ask the candidate questions through the Ask the Candidates 2019 Member Forum, located after signing into, then selecting Member Resources, then the Vote Now image, then the Candidate Forum link.

Unfortunately, last year the Southern Division had a "somewhat poor" voting turnout in the National BOD election even though a lot of effort was put into promoting that process. We hope to do better this year. This is an important election and every members vote counts.

Many patrollers often ask their line officers (or former line officers, program advisors, etc.) for "recommendations" on whom to vote for in the board positions. They believe the leader has read the candidate's information, they trust the leader's opinion, they believe the leader is more involved and informed on the issues and they believe that the leader has the ability to network with other leaders across the country and become better informed on issues and the candidates. Often patrollers just don't have the time to read all of the related materials, or don't feel they understand the issues and positions well enough themselves, so they don't vote.

However, prior to the election cycle beginning, the NSP Board identified attributes of being a good board member from a needs perspective. In building on Rick's work and utilizing those criteria, as well as participating in candidate forums, talking to other leaders, etc., a list has been pulled together that identifies those candidates that are deemed "Most Qualified". The other thing that has been discussed is to think of geographic diversity and to support those that will bring the perspectives of a more wide geographic base. This list will not be a "single slate" or "approved" list, but rather it is a detailed review and collective scoring of the candidates. The candidates that best fit the criteria are shown below and identified and deemed "Most Qualified".

In rough order of highest ranking among the new candidates:

  1. Liz Dodge, Pacific Northwest Division
  2. Donna Gardino, Alaska Division
  3. Marc Abend, Professional Division - Eastern Region
  4. Paul Kelly, Eastern Division
  5. Christine Garrison, Rocky Mountain Division

In addition, Jay Zedak from Central Division is currently on the board and is eligible for another term.

Our goal is to have more Southern Division patroller's participate in the election process.

The voting process began on October 15 and remains open until 4:00 PM MST, December 2, 2019. We strongly encourage each patroller to vote, as it does make a difference in your leadership, the future of the organization, recruiting, and fundraising.

If anyone has trouble logging on (you will need a password and email account) call the National Office at (303-988-1111). If you do not have an email address, please contact the national office.

Summary of the NSP Southern Division Election Procedure

Elections are held every other year, on the odd number years. The election is for the Division Director who serves a two-year term with a maximum of three consecutive terms.

Every patrol in the Southern Division has one vote that is cast by the Patrol Representative of record. The Division staff appointments are made by the Division Director with the exception of the Past Division Director who automatically serves a two-year term concurrent with the newly elected Division Director.

The election procedure requires that all candidates must submit a resume of qualifications and have the option to include a platform. Specific qualifications for the Division Director can be found in the By-Laws that are published in the Southern Division website. The candidate's information is published in the January/Mid-Winter issue of the Southern Cross.

All patrollers are encouraged to take an active part in this election procedure by reviewing the nominee's position and qualifications and voicing their opinions to the Patrol Representative.

Election Coordinator

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