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Southern Division - NSP

Southern Division Patroller's Conference - 2024

Wintergreen Resort
Wintergreen Virginia

August 16-18, 2024

A mini vacation for you and your family

Lodging reservations at Wintergreen are available Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM at (844) 657-6733. Please reference the Southern Division Patroller's Conference, Master Account ID: # 41F2DQ

Register for the conference and activities here. Registration closes August 13th.


Devil's Knob Golf - Join the patroller's golf outing on Friday August 16th. Enjoy 18 holes at this "Member's Only" exclusive club.

Virginia's highest golf course- sitting at an elevation of over 3800 feet. Players at this member and resort guest exclusive course leave Devil's Knob remberering narrow fairways, speedy greens, and unsurpassed vistas. The course is a great way to beat the heat (76 degree avareage temperature).

$55 per person including a golf cart

151 Tour

On Friday August 16th, join Tanya Thomas for a fun-filled adventure to Wintergreen's local wineries and breweries. Visit Devil's Backbone, Bold Rock Cidery, Blue Toad, Veritas, and Blue Mountain. We are putting together a bus tour if enough people want to participate. 11AM to 4 PM.

Price to be determined

Mountain Biking

Enjoy a great group of NSP bike patrollers and enthusiasts on a ride at the Miller School Mountain Biking Course on Friday August 16th.

Bikes are available for rent from Blue Ridge Cyclery. All level rides and kids are welcome from beginner to expert.

2 Rides - 10AM and 1PM


Southern Division's very own Massanutten ski patoller and yoga instructor Stephanie Otteni will lead a yoga class Saturday morning on Devil's Knob Overlook with breathtaking views of the mountains and Shenandoah Valley.

Open to patrollers, guests, and family.

Kids Camp

Kids Camp at the Tree House. While parents participate in other Southern Division conference activities, kids can experience a day at Camp Wintergreen.

Childern 3-12 are eligible for Camp Wintergreen! Designed to encourage creativity, exploration, and adventure.

$69 per child

Also Available Hiking and trail running on over 30 miles of marked trails. Access to Wintergreen Resort's full treatment spa, indoor and outdoor pools, fitness center, indoor and outdoor racquet sports, Lake Monocan with kayaks, paddleboards and other activities, Discovery Ridge adventure Center and summer tubing - Special Rates Apply!

Details available on the Wintergreen website.

Conference Schedule

Friday August 16, 2024

10:00 Golf Devils Knob Golf Course - Tim Welch
10:00 Mountain Bike Ride #1 - Tim & Karen Braden
1:00 Mountain Bike Ride #2 - Tim & Karen Braden
11:00 - 4:00 Winery & Brewery Tour - Tanya Thomas
9:00 - 8:00 Conference Registration
4:00 OEC Refresher For IOR & IT's Only - Clint Butts
5:00 Happy Hour & Music on The Blue Ridge Terrace
6:00 Executive Board Meeting - Mary Lou Legg
6:15 Scheduling Software: A web based software package to register, schedule, and track volunteers. - Donald Reid
7:00 Patrol Director's Round Table
7:00 Outdoor Emergency Program Senior Alpine Roundtable & Administrative Review - Randy Rumer Facilitator

Saturday August 17, 2024

Morning/Day Activities: Yoga, Trail Run, Wintergarden Fitness Center, Kids Camp, Lake Monican (Swim, Kayak, Paddle Board)
  Session 1
8:00 Presenters Breakfast Meeting
8:30 Welcome & Opening Remarks NSP CEO & Division Director - Stephanie Cox & Mary Lou Legg
9:00 - 10:30 Keynote Speaker, "Retention & Leadership Development" - Chris Fussell
9:00 - 10:30 "Knots & Rescues: Mastering Ropes for The Low Angle Situation" - Drum Figg, Tom Hughes, and Jon Magi
9:00 - 10:00 "Leadership for the YAP" - Logan Henyon
10:30 Break
  Session 2
11:00 - 12:00 "Guard The Grab" - Brett Henyon
11:00 - 12:00 "How To Become a Certified Patroller" - Nate Wageley
11:00 - 12:00 "Sled Skills Analysis" - Matt Weitz, Keith Cassidy, and Bobby MacFarland
11:00 - 12:00 "Accident Investigation: All In the Details, Do You Know What to Do?" - Michael Barber
12:00 Lunch
12:00 - 1:30 Vendor Exhibition Lunch
  Session 3
1:30 - 3:00 "What To Look for When Riding 1st Chair" - Kelly Short
1:30 - 3:00 "Bike Patrol" - Glen Jackson & Tony Piselli
1:30 - 3:00 "Marry Your Boots Date Your Skis" - Matt Weitz, Greg Hoffman, & Landon Figg
1:30 - 3:00 "Reaching New Heights: Exploring Aerial Rescue" - Kameron Tucker
3:00 Break
  Session 4
3:15 - 5:00 "Where's Waldo - If he was in an Avalanche, could you find him?" - Rob Mayer and Michael Oliver
3:15 - 5:00 "Petzl" - Brad Dorough & Chris Feder
3:15 - 5:00 "The Scoop on Senior" - Aileen Cassidy, Linda Humphries, Steve Ebbs
3:15 - 5:00 "Whiskey & Wax" - SWIX
6:00 Pre-dinner Reception Happy Hour Music
6:00 YAP Social Hour
7:00 Dinner & Awards

Sunday August 18, 2024:

8:00 Southern Division Board of Director's Meeting - Mary Lou Legg
8:30 OEC Refresher For IOR & IT's Only - Clint Butts

Register for the conference and activities here. Registration closes July 15th.

Outdoor Emergency Program Senior Alpine Roundtable & Administrative Review
The session will be guided by the Division OET Program Supervisor. The session will concentrate on the current state of the alpine components of the Senior classification and how we guide candidates through preparation and application including a proposed skills sign-off process. Feedback and ideas from past training and evaluations will be encouraged. The courses and course registration process will be reviewed. Discussion is encouraged regarding T rainer/Evaluator cadre and calibration clinics. We will review OET Instructor prerequisites, application process, certification cycles and continuing education. An OET Instructor Continuing Education course will be registered for the session and those attending and successfully enrolling will receive credit for the course.

Randy Rumer has served in the division role with the help of the region OET administrators, the division snow sports program, patrols and OET instructors since 2018. He is an active member of the National OET Program Committee. He previously served as the WV Region OET administrator and spends time patrolling at Snowshoe and Timberline Resorts and gratefully enjoying the hospitality of all the resorts in the Division.

Stephanie Cox is the CEO of National Ski Patrol. She is a globally recognized leader and award-winning entrepreneur. She has extensive experience leading international nonprofits as well as technology and consumer goods companies - from solar tech and supply chain companies to education organizations. Her awards include: the UK's Nominet Trust Everyday Tech Hero and COBizMag Entrepreneur of Year Runner Up. Originally from Virginia and a graduate of George Mason University, she has lived in Colorado for 24 years and is passionate about skiing, mountain biking, and climbing with her teenage daughter.

Leadership Development The Challenges Of Patroller RecruitmentAnd Retention
At last year's Fall Patrol Conference, the challenges of Patroller Recruitment, Retention, and Leadership Development were introduced as NSP and Southern Division concerns. This year, Chris Fussell, will lead an engaging 90-minute session providing insights to further this initiative. As the President of the McChrystal consulting group and a 15-year member of the US Navy Seal Teams, leading SEAL elements in combat zones around the globe, Chris draws on his real-world experience to share his views on leadership and solutions that work. His presentation will acknowledge the issues that we all face while offering practical solutions as he engages our NSP leaders in a panel discussion followed by a group exercise that is guaranteed to engage attendees.

Chris Fussell has co-authored the NY times best seller "Team of Teams" New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World along with the Wall Street Journal bestseller "One Mission" How Leaders build a Team of Teams. You will not want to miss this session that highlights the power of bringing your team / patrol together. As stated in the article "The Power of Bringing your Team Together" by Chris Fussell "Great teams navigate hard times together, solve complex problems, and most importantly, give a sense of connectedness that is so important in today's uncertain world." Chris is an active rock climber, skier, and co-owner with his wife Holly, of Waterstone outdoors in West Virginia. He resides in the Fayetteville area with his wife and two children.

Knots & Rescues: Mastering RopesFor Low Angle Situation
Join us for an immersive outdoor session where you'll learn essential rope rescue skills for challenging terrain. This hands-on workshop will cover a variety of common knots and their application in different rescue scenarios. Learn how to build haul systems that reduce patient weight and attendant techniques for heavier patients.

Drum Figg has dedicated over 35 years to the field of emergency response and risk management. His journey began with a passion for serving others, leading him to become a Certified Ski Patroller (#450) and embark on a remarkable career that has spanned various roles and responsibilities. Throughout his career, Drum has served as a Fire Chief, demonstrating his leadership and organizational skills in managing emergency response teams. His expertise extends to being a Firefighter/Critical Care Paramedic and a Flight Paramedic, roles. His commitment to excellence is evident in his role as a Fire Investigator, where he has contributed to solving complex cases and ensuring the safety of communities. As a Fire Service Instructor, he has shared his knowledge and expertise with future generations of emergency responders, shaping the future of the field.In addition to his frontline roles, Drum has also served as a Deputy State Fire Marshal and Commonwealth of Virginia Education Coordinator, where he has played a crucial role in shaping policies and procedures to enhance emergency response capabilities.Drum's extensive experience extends to fire and emergency medical services education, disaster and emergency response, fire protection, technical rescue, wilderness rescue, arson investigation, and code enforcement. His diverse skill set and unwavering dedication have made him a respected figure in the emergency response community.

Tom Hughes (Huey) Huey's journey in ski patrolling began in 1974 when he became a Junior Patroller under the NSP Junior Patroller category. By 1975, at the age of 18, he had advanced to become a Basic Patroller. His commitment to excellence in patrolling led him to undertake the Advanced Avalanche and Advanced Winter Mountaineering Courses in 1975, further honing his skills and knowledge. In 1978, Huey achieved a significant milestone by passing the Senior Test, a testament to his expertise and dedication to the field. Over the years, he continued to expand his role and impact in ski patrolling. In 1995, he became an MTR instructor in the Eastern Division, a role he has diligently maintained since then. Huey's pursuit of excellence and continuous learning led him to pass the Certified Test in 2006, further solidifying his reputation as a top-tier ski patroller. His dedication and contributions were recognized in 2014 when he was awarded his National Appointment, a testament to his exemplary service and leadership in the field. Throughout his career, Huey has patrolled at various renowned resorts, including Snow Summit in California, West Point NY, Wintergreen Resort, and Bryce Resort. His involvement with the Senior Program since 1995 highlights his commitment to mentoring and developing future patrollers. Huey’s leadership and expertise have not gone unnoticed. He has served as the Southern Division Certified Supervisor and the Southern Division MTR Supervisor, roles that showcase his ability to lead and inspire others in the field.

Leadership - ForThe Young Adult Patroller
From the perspective of a Young Adult Patroller, younger patrollers are in a unique position as future leaders in the NSP and in their own lives. This presentation will be all about leadership strategies and how young people can use their unique lens to make an impact on the future. Through a short lecture, group activity, and discussion, a group of forward thinking patrollers will discuss how young people can make an impact in the NSP.

Logan Henyon is a Senior Alpine patroller at Wintergreen Resort VA, completing his third year of patrolling by attending and presenting at National Ski Patrol's "PowderFall" Conference. Going into his senior year of high school in Charlottesville, VA, he works as an ocean lifeguard in the OBX and volunteer firefighter/EMT when the slopes are green. He enjoys hearing stories and talking meaningfully with people, playing high school lacrosse and football. He enjoys spending time and loving his two dogs. Logan served in leadership roles on different sports teams as well as a slope captain on the Saturday night patrol crew. I am surrounded by amazing leaders always allowing me to learn from them in their successes.

Session #2

Guard The Grab is a safety campaign designed to bring awareness to the prevalence of wrist injuries in the snowboarding community through education, demonstration, and outreach. The body mechanics of snowboarding predispose the rider to a common transfer of force through the fall-on-outstretched-hand. Objectives of the campaign area reduction in the number of wrist injuries through improved rate of wrist guard use, mainstreaming wrist guards as essential snowboarding gear, and encouraging the standardization of wrist guard manufacturing to achieve optimal prevention. Working with ski areas locally and Nationally we hope this initiative can take the strides like helmets did years ago and become commonplace in the industry as smart/safe gear. The "GuardTheGrab" initiative was developed and spearheaded by Alpine Patroller Kelly Wallace, a Board Certified Advanced Practice Nurse and Former Critical Care Flight Nurse. Brett Henyon is a Certified Patroller with over 30 years of Emergency Services experience, and a founding member of the National Ski Patrol Safety Team. Both Kelly and Brett have avid snowboarders in their families, so the safety initiative made sense to them both. The objectivesfor the session include a discussion on the medical science, the myths of wrist guards, and how you can implement the "Guard The Grab" Campaign.

Brett Henyon: As a NSP Certified Patroller and MOD at Wintergreen Resort, Brett has been a long time member of the NSP Safety Committee and strong advocate of the "GuardTheGrab" initiative. As a member of the NSP Safety Team composed of 8 leaders throughout the country, Brett has focused on mountain safety awareness education, and hard reduction through educational and marketing initiatives. As The CEO of Corporate Consulting, Inc. he leads businesses to achieve huge success by building business relationships through hiring talent while behaviorally matching to a position, training in exceptional ways and leading managing and motivating their human capital. Brett is a Flight Paramedic with UVA Pegasus, a Duty Officer and water Rescue Team.

How to become a Certified NSP Patroller
"This session is geared towards patrollers who are interested in the Certified Program and want to engage in the program - know more about it, how to enroll into the program, what to expect, the amount of commitment involved, and what they will get out of it.Becoming a Certified Patroller is about the journey, not about the destination. It is also about the patroller finding excellence within one's self-it's all about the patroller wanting more professional and personal development. All six (6) Certified Modules (OEC,AVL,ORM, Skiing, Toboggan Handling, Low Angle/Lift Evacuation) will be discussed, along with how the training, education, and examination process, and how the Certified Program is adapted across the different NSP Divisions. This will be an interactive discussion with questions on the Certified Program taken during the presentation. The goal of the session is to provide interested patrollers the information they are looking for with respect to entering the Certified Program. Interested patrollers are encouraged to attend field sessions on Ropes/Low Angle Rescue, Advanced Lift Evacuation, and Avalanche during the conference all being presented by members of the Southern Division Certified staff.

Nate Wageley is a dedicated ski patroller with thirty years of experience, having served in three NSP Divisions: Eastern, Rocky Mountain, and Southern. Currently, he holds the position of the Southern Division Certified Program Supervisor. Nathan is deeply involved in training and evaluation, having worked as a staff trainer for OET, OEC, and MTR programs. In 2004, he achieved Certified #623 status within the NSP. Outside of skiing, Nathan's professional career focuses on tunnel engineering, where he manages large infrastructure projects working for an international engineering consulting firm.

Sled Skills Analysis -- What We Look For
Ski Patrollers possess a wide range of skills in emergency medicine, mountain operations, and public safety. No skill is more critical than safe rescue toboggan operations. Southern patrols are challenged by recruiting from a largely non-skiing population with many new patrollers coming with relatively little on-snow experience. This can make our Alpine Patroller training especially challenging. This session will cover the rudiments of ski and snowboard proficiency, how they apply to sled operation, and performance criteria that indicate when a patroller is ready for alpine service. All of our member patrols annually develop great new patrollers, so consider this an opportunity to explore best practices and exchange ideas.

Wayne Morgan, Cataloochee Ski Patrol, has been an NSP patroller since 1986. He's an OEC Instructor, an OET Instructor Trainer, a charter member of the Southern Division Snowsports School, and a PSIA Level II Instructor. His leadership roles have included Patrol Representative, Patrol Director, and Assistant Division Director. Wayne was awarded a Gold Merit Star in 2005, is a Certified Patroller (#756), and he received a National Appointment (#8296) in 1996.

Matt Weitz, Wintergreen Ski Patrol, is starting his 20th season. He's a Senior Patroller, an OEC Instructor, an OET Instructor Trainer, and a PSIA Level III Instructor. Matt is Wintergreen's OET Supervisor and Technical Supervisor for the Southern Division Snowsports School. Matt's been awarded two Yellow Merit Stars, and received a National Appointment (#12287) in 2022.

Bob McFarland, Wintergreen Ski Patrol, began his patrol career in 2012 after more than a decade with the Wintergreen Snowsports School. Bob, the lead snowboard instructor for WSP, is an AASI Level II Instructor with a Freestyle Endorsement. He received a Yellow Merit Star in 2017 as the Southern Division's Outstanding Instructor.

Keith Cassidy, Wintergreen Ski Patrol, started patrolling in 2000. He's an OEC instructor, OET Instructor, the Southern Division's Lead Certified OET Evaluator, and a PSIA Level III Telemark Instructor. Keith is a former NSP Director, including Assistant National Director and National Legal Advisor. He's been awarded a Gold Merit Star, is a Certified Patroller (#650), and he received a National Appointment (#11958).

Accident Investigation: All In The Details
Do you know what to do?

This session will provide an overview of the accident investigation process, through the eyes of mountain management, focused on what ski patrollers need on their radar. While every mountain will have its own protocols, we will address scenarios of lift involvement to on-slope collisions, the use of signage and proactive guest education and the basic tools required. We will be explore how the newly implemented technologies like RFID, video surveillance, smartphone apps, and how on-mountain vehicles can affect the results of an investigation.

Michael Barber is the Patrol Director Emeritus and Advisor to the BOD at Wintergreen Ski Resort. He is a Medic/Firefighter with over 20 years experience in Technical Rescue and works as the Regional Vice-President of Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions for Leviate Air Group. Michael is a Member-at-Large on the NSP National Safety Team. He was awarded a Purple Merit Star in 2019 and was a Finalist for the NSAA Safety Champion in 2021, the same year that Wintergreen Resort was awarded the NSAA Safety Award - Best Overall Safety Program. 2021.

Session #3

What to Look For When Riding 1st Chair
All patrollers are asked to ride the "first chair", do you know what to look and listen for? This session will show and discuss how and what to look for on that first ride of the morning.

Kelly Short

Bike Patrol
Alpine skiing is a mature industry which isn't increasing in participation. But, participation in related activities such as biking is growing rapidly. This session will give an overview of the bike program, discuss the future development, discuss the advantages of creating a bike patrol and provide an overview of how to create one.

Glen Jackson

Tony Piselli

Ski Patroller's Equipment Buyer's Guide -- Date Your Skis, Marry Your Boots
Equipment manufacturers are getting ready to release this season's products to their pro purchase programs, and good retail deals are still available for last season's models. We'll discuss what to keep in mind while selecting your skis/snowboards/boots, how to access pro purchase programs, how to get the right boot and fit, store etiquette, how to shop online, and when's the right time to retire your old gear.

Greg Hoffmann is the owner of Ski Boot Fitting Inc. in Snowshoe, VA, and is one of the leading boot fitters in the US. A former PSIA Level III Instructor and lead instructor at Masterfit, Greg has worked in the alpine ski industry since 1979 with credits including developing the Performance Center at Mt. Snow and the Skier Enhancement Center at Vail.

Matt Weitz, Wintergreen Ski Patrol, is starting his 20th season. He's a Senior Patroller, an OEC Instructor, an OET Instructor Trainer, and a PSIA Level III Instructor. Matt is Wintergreen's OET Supervisor and Technical Supervisor for the Southern Division Snowsports School. Matt's been awarded two Yellow Merit Stars, and received a National Appointment (#12287) in 2022.

Landon Figg (Wintergreen Ski Patrol) has been an NSP member for 25 years. Landon's a Certified Paroller, a PSIA level II Instructor, and a USSA 100 Level Coach. Her leadership roles include both NSP Virginia Region Director and PSIA/AASI Eastern Division Board.

Reaching New Heights: Exploring Arial Rescue
(Advance Lift Evacuation)

Are you ready to take your expertise to new heights? Join me, Kameron Tucker, OEC and Mountain Sports Director at Massanutten Resort, in an ongoing ride of learning and growth as we discuss Arial Rescue on our Ski Lifts. As OECs, we all understand the importance of staying sharp in emergency care. Let's share insights, swap stories, and elevate our collective knowledge to ensure the safety and well-being of outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.

Kameron Tucker is the Mountain Sports Director at Massanutten Resort, bringing 12 years of experience as a dedicated employee. With 9 years of experience in Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC), Kameron's commitment Kameron Tucker to safety and preparedness is evident. Kameron's family is also deeply involved in OEC, with their daughter showing a keen interest in first aid by exploring their packs for supplies like roller gauze. Before taking on the role of Mountain Sports Director, Kameron worked at the Family Adventure Park, gaining valuable experience in working at heights and safety protocols. Since 2019, Kameron has been instrumental in enhancing the Advanced Lift Evac program, ensuring it remains up-to-date with the latest equipment and standards, reflecting a commitment to safety and excellence in all aspects of mountain sports management.

Session #4

Where's Waldo? Come see if you can find him!
Learn about Avalanche Transceivers, the physics, the science, and the fun of finding them (Waldo), especially when they are strapped to prizes. Some resorts out west now require you to where a transceiver to some areas. What's the point if you do not know how to use it. This session will have a little bit of science and a whole lot of competitions and prizes. Come outside, learn a little, show how awesome you are against your fellow patrollers. If you have your own transceiver, bring it along, and if you don't we have one, we have plenty for you to use. This class of fun will be conducted by some of the best avalanche instructors in the South (and some of the only ones).

Robert Mayer, resides in Tennessee but serves as the Southern Division Avalanche Supervisor, actively involved at Ober Mountain. Despite the distance from traditional avalanche terrain, Robert's dedication to safety extends to areas where avalanches can occur. A passionate backcountry skier, Robert enjoys challenging himself on multiday hut trips. He understands the allure and risks of skiing in areas with steep powder, where the beauty of the surroundings can quickly turn dangerous without proper precautions. Robert's firsthand experience with the beauty and potential dangers of backcountry skiing has fueled his commitment to avalanche education. For more than 4 years, he has been teaching others about avalanche safety, recognizing the importance of education in preventing accidents in areas prone to avalanches. His role as the Southern Division Avalanche Supervisor and his dedication to avalanche education make Robert a valuable asset in promoting safety and awareness among skiers and snowboarders in avalanche-prone areas. Robert Mayer, also known as Michael Olive, resides in Tennessee but serves as the Southern Division Avalanche Supervisor, actively involved in mitigating avalanches at Ober Mountain. Despite the distance from traditional avalanche terrain, Robert's dedication to safety extends to areas where avalanches can occur. A passionate backcountry skier, Robert enjoys challenging himself on multiday hut trips. He understands the allure and risks of skiing in areas with steep powder, where the beauty of the surroundings can quickly turn dangerous without proper precautions. Robert's firsthand experience with the beauty and potential dangers of backcountry skiing has fueled his commitment to avalanche education. For more than 4 years, he has been teaching others about avalanche safety, recognizing the importance of education in preventing accidents in areas prone to avalanches. His role as the Southern Division Avalanche Supervisor and his dedication to avalanche education make Robert a valuable asset in promoting safety and awareness among skiers and snowboarders in avalanche-prone areas.

Michael Olive's passion for backcountry skiing was sparked when he moved to Fairbanks, Alaska, in 1999 and acquired his first pair of Crispi leather boots and Fisher E99s. Since then, he has explored the backcountry in various locations, including Northern California (Lake Tahoe), Alaska (Anchorage, Turnagain Pass, and Hatcher Pass), and currently Virginia/West Virginia (Massanutten and White Grass). Despite the evolution of equipment over the years, Michael's love for turns in the backcountry has remained unwavering. In 2006, he took his passion a step further by joining the Anchorage Nordic Ski Patrol. In this role, he not only patrolled for the forest service and state parks but also trained the public in avalanche education. Additionally, he served on-call for avalanche rescue and recovery missions with the Alaska State Troopers, demonstrating his commitment to safety and community service. Michael's dedication to avalanche safety led him to complete his certification as an NSP Level 1 Avalanche instructor in 2017. This certification further solidified his expertise in the field and his commitment to educating others about backcountry safety.

In this presentation, Petzl representatives will discuss new Petzel tech gear andreview the specific regulatory requirements, working skill sets, and equipment needed for a solid lift evacuation plan. Petzel will also provide a lift evac demonstration with newly added tech gear.

Brad Dorough

Chris Feder

The Scoop On Senior
Are you a Senior Trainer Evaluator? How about a Senior Patroller who holds a current OEC Instructor status who is interested in elevating and standardizing our Senior OEC Program across our Division? Using a hybrid model, learn about the recent changes to the Senior OEC Evaluation and then participate in an engaging discussion on standardizing our methods ofassessment as Senior OEC TE's. This session does qualify as an official Senior OEC TE Clinic, a requirement that must be accomplished by all Senior OEC T/E every three years.Although geared towards current Senior T/e's and those interested in joining those ranks, any patroller considering joining the Senior program as a candidate is welcome to come gain exposure to the evaluation process. This session will be led by the OEC Supervisor, and other key Senior OEC leadership.

Aileen Cassidy began patrolling in 2005 at Wintergreen Resort. She serves as an OEC instructor, OET instructor, and as the Lead Instructor for Wintergreen's On-The-Hill Program for new candidates and transfers. She has previously served as the Southern Division's OEC Supervisor.

Linda Humphries brings a unique blend of passion for education and outdoor safety to her role as an alpine patroller at Wintergreen Resort. With 11 years of experience in ski patrol, Linda has become a respected figure in the field, known for her commitment to excellence and continuous learning. An educator by trade, Linda's journey in ski patrol began as a way to combine her love for teaching with her passion for the outdoors. In 2019, she obtained her instructor certification, followed by her Senior certification in 2020, showcasing her dedication to mastering her craft and ensuring the safety of others on the slopes. Throughout her tenure, Linda has taken on various roles, including serving as an Instructor of Record for the OEC course, an Instructor Development Instructor, and an Instructor Trainer. Her expertise and dedication to teaching have made her a valuable resource for patrollers seeking to improve their skills and knowledge. In her most recent role as the Virginia Region OEC and Instructor Development Administrator, Linda plays a pivotal role in shaping the education and training programs for ski patrollers in the region. Her leadership and commitment to excellence have earned her the respect of her peers and made her a role model for aspiring ski patrollers. Linda's dedication to education and outdoor safety is evident in everything she does, making her a true asset to the ski patrol community.

Steve Ebb is the current NSP Southern Division OEC Supervisor and Captain/Critical Care Paramedic at Gatlinburg Fire Department.

Whiskey & Wax
This session "Whiskey & Wax" by SWIX is an event that combines hands-on- learning with indulgence. Attendees will receive expert tips on waxing skis and snowboards while enjoying a whiskey tasting. This unique experience offers practical knowledge and a social atmosphere for a memorable evening. Bring your skis and snowboard!!!!!!

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